Hope - Love Love Love chords version 1

Hope - Love Love Love
Standard Tuning Capo at First Fret

D Love, Love, Love,
ALove, Love, Giving me
BmLove, Love, Love
GMore than I ever need
Verse 1
D ALove, you're so distracting
Bm GAm I overreacting, For feeling this way
D A BmAnd ever, since I met ya, I can't keep my attention
GAnd you are to blame
D You're love's a permanent distraction, a perfect interaction
Aa feeling so extreme
Bm I lost my appetite to eat, and I barely get to sleep
GCause you're even in my dreams
D AAnd I thought that I was strong but I knew that all along, this was out of my control
Bm So I fell into your hands, and i don't know where we'll land,
GI'm just going with the flow
D GLove, Love, Love, Love, Love
Verse 2
D ASomedays, I want to run away
Bm GThis feels so perfect, it's breaking my heart
D AYeah we could, we could stay here happy
Bm GOr after summer, be two worlds apart
(repeat chorus) Bridge
Bm GYou're Love, Is coming like a freight train
BmAin't nothing gonna stop it,
AIt's heading for my heart,
Bm GYou're Love, is bigger than a rain cloud
BmIt covered up my whole skies
AIt's filling up my heart,
My heart with
D ALove, Love, Love, Love, Love
More than I ever need giving me
Bm GLove, Love, Love
(repeat chorus) Enjoy. Godbless.
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