Houghton Weavers – The Blackpool Belle tab

The Blackpool Belle - Houghton Weavers
Tabbed by Mucker

C                                                                  G
Oh the Blackpool Belle was a getaway train that went from Northern stations
G                                                             C
What a beautiful sight on a Saturday night bound for the illuminations
C                                                        F
No mothers and dads just girls and lads young and fancy free 
F                         C              G                C
Out for the laughs on the Golden Mile at Blackpool by the sea

C      F          C
I remember - very well
        F          A                   Dm
All the happy gang aboard the Blackpool Belle
C                       E                     Am
I remember them pals of mine, when I ride the Blackpool line
        Dm            G                         C
And the songs we sang together on the Blackpool Belle

C                                                               G
Little Piggy Greenfield he was there he thought he was mighty slick
G                                                     C
He bought a hat on the Golden Mile the hat said "Kiss Me Quick"
C                                                        F
Piggy was a lad for all the girls but he drank too much beer
F                   C                      G                  C
He made a pass at a Liverpool lass and she pushed him off the pier


C                                                                       G
Ice cream Sally could never settle down she lived for her Knickerbocker glories
G                                                                               C
Till she clicked with a bloke who said he was broke but she loved his Ice cream stories
C                                                                F
Sally took it all in with a smile and a grin she fell for sailor Jack
F                           C               G              C
They went for a trip to the Isle of Man and never did come back


C                                                                 G
Now the Blackpool Belle has a thousand tales if they could all be told
G                                           C
Many of these I will recall as I am growing old
C                                                                F
They were happy days and I miss the times we'd pull the curtains down
F                           C          G                       C	
And the Passion Wagon would steam back home and we would go to town

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