House Of Heroes – Disappear chords

Artist: House of Heroes
Album: Suburba
Song: Disappear

Am(Lock the doors)
This city hides a secret at itʼs breast,
Dm(Shut the windows)
I feel itʼs icy fingers on my neck,
Am(Lock the doors)
We built our perfect dream on shifting sand,
Dm(Shut the windows)
Scattered in one motion of Gods hand,
Am(We leave tonight)
Take only that which you canʼt live without,
Dm(We leave tonight)
Hot wheels on the cold ground. Chorus:
C EWe disappear, We burn down.
F Am F G A black wind carries us out.
F C EWe disappear, We fade out.
F Am F G EmWith one glance, in the rear view mirror.
Verse 2 (as verse 1): (Suburba) It stocks your streets a lion in the reeds, (Suburba) Wakes you in a panic from you sleep, (Suburba) Your vanity and strength are washed away, (Suburba) Like the concrete moon is washed out by the day. Chorus Instrumental and bridge*: Dm, Am, B, E * For the Bridge, i didn't found the lyrics so I put only the chords.
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