House Of Shem – Thinking About You chords

Thinking About You – House of Shem

Verse 1 (Ebmaj7, Dm7): The girl I love, I have searched my whole life
To hopefully see you, right here by my side Your trapped in my heart, your always on my mind If you gave me your love, I'll make sure I give you mine
Pre-Chorus (Cm, Gm x4; F): It's crazy, love is like a piece of art work
As I lay here, dreaming that we were together Yes it's crazy girl, love is something you can't describe Like the look of a rose, the smell of the rain Or the feeling of forever
Chorus (Ebmaj7, Dm7, Ebmaj7, F): It don't matter what I do
I can't stop thinking about you It don't matter what, I do I cant stop thinking, bout you
Verse 2 (Ebmaj7, Dm7): To proclaim that I love you girl
Is so easy to say And for that I will tell you in my own special way Through meaningful words girl And the warmth of my touch Through the nights of romance girl You know baby you'll deserve so much Pre-Chorus Chorus
Bridge (Cm, Gm; F): Baby yes me love the way you sweet talk I dread
I and I Bredren stand and reason about it The way you walk and sway and Dem clothes that you wear Me a Rasta cant lie and say that I wish you were here Stop thinking girl girl Imma need some love and comforting come along and see my world world Me nah deal with no bad tings Me a treat you like a precious pearl pearl That's how I feel feel And there ain't nothing or something I cannot say Chorus (till end)
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