Hubbard Freddie – Mr Clean tab
8th October 2000, 10.44pm
Shaun Hand, Birmingham


From the LP 'All Mod Cons'

Chords used:

Dm:  x57765  Dm7:  x57565
C:   x3555x  Bm:   x24432
Am:  577555
G:   355433
Em7: x79787

riff 1:

Dm----------- -----------------|--8\-6--3-- --8--6--3--8/15--|----------- (x3) -----------------|----------- -----------------|----------- -----------------|----------- -----------------|
Dm (riff 1) C Am Dm Daylight dawns, you wake up and yawn, Mr. Clean. C Am Dm A piece of toast from the one you love most and you leave. Am G You catch your bus, in the 8'o'clock rush, Am G And catch your train, in the morning rain. C C Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean. Dm (riff 1) C Am Dm If you see me, in the street, look away. C Am Dm Cos I don't ever want to catch you looking at me, Mr. Clean. Am G Cos I hate you, and your wife, Am G And if I get the chance I'll fuck up your life. C C Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean. Dm (riff 1) Is that seen? Em7 Dm7 Surround yourself with dreams, C G Am D Of pretty young girls and anyone you want but, Em7 Dm7 C G Am D Please don't forget me, or any of my kind, Em7 Dm7 Cos I'll make you think again, C G When I stick your face in the grind.
C Bm C Bm-------------------------------------------------------------------------|--8-----------8--7--------8--------10^-8--------8------------------7-----|-----9-----9--------7--------9------------9--------9------------7-----7--|-------10--------------9-------10-----------10--------10-----9-----------|----------------------------------------------------------9--------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C Bm Getting pissed, at the annual office do, C Bm Smart new suit, and you went to Cambridge too, C Bm You miss page 3, but the Times is right for you, Bm And mum and dad are very proud of you. C Bm Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean. C Bm Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean. Am G Dm Dm (riff 1 x2)
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