Human Highway - The Sound tab


I like this jingle hope y'all do too

Intro and Guthrie verse:

Guthrie: Got nothing left but it ain't bringin' me down I'm just gonna follow the sound
The "Oh no, Oh no" part: strum a few timesE------------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------|D------------------------------------------------------|G---12-------------------------------------------------|B---12-------------------------------------------------|E---10-------------------------------------------------|
Thorburn: G Bm And the sound is pleasing Bm C G When it sounds like it is breathing G Bm There's no one around Bm C G To hear the notes falling down G Bm Nobody seems to care Bm C G The feeling isn't there G Bm Like it was all a bad dream Bm C G Now we're looking everywhere "You keep searching, You keep on searching" part:
Then back to Intro/Guthrie's verse and Torburn's 2nd verse and that is the song
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