Humble Pie – The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake tab

Humble Pie - The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake (intro and rhythm)

/ = slide
p = pull-off
h = hammer-on
b = bend
D (above tab) = downstroke
U (above tab) = upstroke

The song is based around the chord of D, with additional chords C and G (and A in the bridge).

E----10/9/10-12-10----------------------------|B----10/9/10-12-10------10/9 /10-12-10--------|G-----------------11h12-11/10/11-12-11--------|D---------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------|
E---------------------------------------------|B---12-10---12-10-----------------------------|G---12-11---12-11-----------------------------|D--------12------12-10------------------------|A---------------------121110------------------| (12,11 and 10 in quickE---------------------------13b--10-----------| succession)
D U D D D DE---2---2-2-----------------3-2---------------|B---3---3-3---------------3-3-3---------------|G---0h2-2-2---repeat x3---0-0-0h2-------------| This is the basic rhythmD---0---0-0---------------2-0-0---------------| of the song.A-------------------------3-2-----------------|E---------------------------3-----------------|
Bridge: C D I keep on the run now C D I travel by night C D I don't need anyone C A But someone, one day, somewhere's gonna see me right -Back to the main riff until the end of the song- This is not perfect as two guitars play (Marriott and Frampton) and they overlap and over the intro and the rhythm. Great song.
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