Humble Pie – Take Me Back tab

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ARTIST: Humble Pie
SONG: Take Me Back
ALBUM: Town And Country, 1969
FROM: Lukas Lechner, Woergl, Austria
DATE: Sep 10 2001

This is dedicated to Brigitte.

writtten by Peter Frampton

Intro: G Ge----------------------------- -------3----|B-----------------------12---- -------3----|G-----------------------12---- -------4----|D-----------------------12---- -------5----|A--------5-7-10-12~~~---10---- -------5----|E--3-5-7---------------------- -0-1-2-3----|
~~~...hold note during the song Peter or Steve plays this riff before F C G a few times he plays G sometimes, listen to the record and you will know what I mean. G Take me back where I come from C G All I need, feeling blue G Friends that I made in my youth C Now I'm older G I love them more D Moon shines bright above F G C G Never seems to change Em C Am Ever smiling face, no one asks why G Everyone wanted his soul C G All he gave them was a smile G People can change overnight C G You most of all, yeah that's right G Find yourself on the ground C Where you been? G What have you found? D Yeah, now you know the score F G C G Never want no more Em C Am Keep yourself in your own mind G Can you believe what I say C G F G F G That I'm glad, feeling sad Em I'm feeling awful cold Am I've just been bought and sold Dm In my eyes you'll see Am The sign of fear solo over G C G G C G D G D Take me back to see G What I left behind, yeah Em C Am Ooh, superficial people told him where to go G Everyone wanted his soul C G All he gave them was a smile, oh and a few F C G and then it's over... Those guys could play, men... _________________________________________________________ Corrections, questions, comments and suggestions are | always welcome, just mail me | ________________________________________________________| "Won't you tell me, where have all the good times gone?"| -Ray Davies, 1965 | ________________________________________________________| "...enjoy a time when rock was still about making music | for fun, not money for corporations." | ________________________________________________________|
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