Hunters And Collectors – Holy Grail chords

I'm only 14 and this is my first tab so there will be some mistakes but i think it's about right

EWoke up this morning,
C#m Bfrom the strangest dream
EI was in the biggest army,
C#m BThe world has ever seen
EWe were marching as one,
C#m Bon the road to the holy grail
E A C#m B
EStarted out,
C#m BSeeking fortune and glory
EIt's a short song, but it's a
C#m BHell of a story, when you
ESpend your lifetime trying to get
C#m BYour hands on the Holy Grail
E A C#m B
EBut have you heard about the Great Crusade?
C#m BWe ran into millions, and nobody got paid
EYeah, we razed four corners of the globe,
C#m BFor the Holy Grail.
E A C#m B x2
EAll the locals scattered,
C#m BThey were hiding in the snow
EWe were so far from home,
C#m BSo how were we to know,
EThere'd be nothing left to plunder
C#m BWhen we stumbled on the Holy Grail?
E A C#m B
EWe were full of beans
C#m BBut we were dying like flies
EAnd those big black birds,
C#m Bthey were circling in the sky,
EAnd you know what they say, yeah,
C#m BNobody deserves to die.
E A C#m B
EOh I,
C#m BI've been searching for an easy way
Eto escape the cold light of day
C#m BI've been high, and I've been low
EBut I've got nowhere else to go
C#m BThere's nowhere else to go
E C#m B x4 E A C#m B x2
EI followed orders
C#m BGod knows where I'd be
EBut I woke up alone,
C#m Ball my wounds were clean
EI'm still here
C#m BI'm still a fool for the Holy Grail
E A C#m B x8 Oh yeah, I'm a fool for the Holy Grail
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