Hunters And Collectors – Throw Your Arms Around Me tab

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From: (Ben Golding)
Subject: CHOPRO: Hunters and Collectors "Throw Your Arms Around Me"

Someone asked for some Hunters and Collectors.  This is probably their
best known song and it's a simple beauty.  I normally play it in D
though because that suits our singer's voice better.


{t: Throw Your Arms Around Me}
{st: Hunter and Collectors}

{c: Intro:}{sot}-----4---5p4-----------9----10p9-------------11----12p11-------|---5---5-----5------10---10------10-------12----12-------12----|-4-------------4--9-----------------9--11-------------------11-|---------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------|
[E]I will come for you at night[A]time I will [E]raise you from your [B]sleep I will [E]kiss you in four pla[A]ces As I go [E]running along your [B]street I will squeeze the life out of you You will make me laugh and make me cry And we will never forget it You will make me call your name and I'll shout it to the blue summer sky {soc} And we may [E]never meet a[A]gain So [E]shed your skin and lets get [B]started And you will [E]thr[A]ow your [B]arms around me Yeah, you will [E]thr[A]ow your [B]arms around me {c: Intro} {eoc} I dreamed of you at nighttime And I watched you in your sleep I met you in high places I touched your head and touched your feet So if you disappear out of view You know i will never say goodbye And though i try to forget it You will make me call your name and I'll shout it to the blue summer sky {c: Chorus} {sot} ~From: Ben Golding {eot}
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