The Biggest Lie tab with lyrics by Husker Du - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Husker Du – The Biggest Lie tab

Intro, hold each note for a while.

-------------------|-------------------|8----5----6--11----|9----5----6--11----|7----3----4---9----|-------------------| x4
Intro, part two, faster now
----------------------|----------------------|9-5----7--2-6---------|9-5--4-7--2-6-5-555---|7-3--4-5--0-4-5-555---|-----2--------3-333---| x2
Verse, the rhythmn i've done for this is wrong but you get the idea. x = harmonics
66667777666666667-4-xxxx|44445555444466667-4-xxxx|------------44445-2-xxxx| x2 (No harmonics second time i don't think).
Chorus, once again don't believe the "strumming pattern" - i'm not sure if he actually this part or not.
-------------------------|-------------------------|7--7--7--7---------------|7--7--7--7--4------------|5--5--5--5--4------------|------------2------------| x 3
There maybe harmonics after the fourth D. Goddamn muddy recording. Back to the second part of the intro Then verse Then chorus Then a solo thing, i have no idea what he's playing, but i've seen this around a few times:
Play this with lots of bends and all that jazz, sounds right enough to me. Then play the second intro once more and thats it. Nice.
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