Husky Rescue – Sound Of Love tab

Band: Husky Rescue
Song: Sound of Love
Album: Sound of Love (Single)

Keyboard Intro:e|-----------11-12-11-|--------------------|B|--12-12-12----------|--12-12-12-12-12-12-|G|--------------------|--------------------| Repeats throughout the songD|--------------------|--------------------|A|--------------------|--------------------|E|--------------------|--------------------|
Chorus: (I'm not exactly sure if these are right) G#m I love (I love) F# I love (I love) E Love the sound of love E Love the sound of love G#m Playing in my mind F# Playing when I find E E You...
Bridge:e|------------|---------------|B|------------|---------------|G|------------|---------------| x4D|------------|-----9---9-----|A|--6-6--7-7--|-6-6-----------|E|------------|---------------|
During the second and last chorus, there's a part that goes something like this:e|--------------7h9--|--------------7h9p7---|B|--4h6---6h9--------|--4h6---6h9---------9-|G|-------------------|----------------------| x4D|-------------------|----------------------|A|-------------------|----------------------|E|-------------------|----------------------|
Throughout the song, a background guitar just repeats this:e|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|------------------------|A|--2-4---2-4---2-4---2-4-|E|------------------------|
There's an interlude after the second chorus in which a G# (4th fret on the low E string) is played repeatedly, listen to the song for the timing. After the interlude it returns to the bridge and then the chorus again. And that's about it. I was kinda sad there weren't more tabs for this awesome band...
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