Hymns From Nineveh – Cocoon chords

This song is from the danish solo project "Hymns From Nineveh" by Jonas Petersen. It is 
from his first full length and self-titled album from 2011.
The chords are very simple: C G Am F all the way.
Enjoy this great hymn!

Intro: C G Am F C G Am F

C G AmI spent the night in the forest,
F Cyou were shining when I cried,
Gwhen I cried:
Am F"Oh where is the light?"
C G AmI spent all day in my mindscape,
F Cyou were with me when I wept,
Gwhen I wept,
Am Fyou watched me when I slept.
C G Am F x2Lalalala...
Skies have grown darker, but stars have grown brighter, and my room, and my room is a safe cocoon! Streets have gone misty, but peace is upon me when I sing, when I sing: "Holy is the King!"
C G Am F x4Lalalala...
and You won't wash away if I fade, and it's OK to break in two, break in two, if I'm breaking into you! x2 Outro:
C G Am F x4Ends on C
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