Hanny J – Thumbs For Breakfast chords

E5 F# E5 Emaj7 F# C#m E5 A

[Verse 1]
E5This'll be the death of me
I can't make you see what I see
C#m A E5And man, it makes me so uneasy
E5I wish I could read your mind
E5 Feels I'm illiterate when it comes to mine
C#m A Emaj BI get the feeling that this is why
A E5whoa oh oh
E5So I try to care for myself the way I care for you
C#m A E5But I eat my thumbs for breakfast and I hold out on the truth
It's easier to digest what you know than to swallow something new
C#m A Emaj BAnd man, well I've grown so accustomed to you
A E5whoa oh oh
[Bridge 1]
C#m ABut i can't make you sway
EmajI can't make you want me around
C#m ASo why would I stay
EmajJust to watch this burn to the ground?
[Verse 2]
E5Yeah well I mumble too fucking much
And it seems I've lost all kinds of touch
C#m Aof what I want, and what I need
E5What the fuck is wrong with me?
I wish I could find some time
C#mTo revert these walls back to a mind
A Emaj BAnd reconect with the ghost inside
A E5whoa oh oh
[Bridge 2]
C#m AI can promise you nothing
Emaj B'cause i'll only let you down
C#m AAnd there's no point pretending
Emaj BYeah, just to make you hang around
C#m AYeah, well, I can't make you stay
EmajI know I can't make you want me around
B C#m ASo why would I stay
EmajYeah, just to watch this burn
N.CWhy the fuck would I stay?
[Outro] E5 F# E5 Emaj7 F# C#m E5 A
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