Harvest – Behold God chords

Key: A

Behold God - by Harvest

A D ABehold God is my salvation
D BmI will trust I will not be afraid
A D BmBehold God is my strength and my song
A Bm AAnd he has become my Lord
AOn days that I’m weak it’s hard to believe
D BmStill I know he’ll see me through
Give me the power to conquer the hour
D AWith everything I do
AI lift up my voice and I sing songs of joy
D BmTo the God who reigns on high
Give me new courage Lord won’t let anything hurt me
D AAs I sing to Him my song
ASo with joy I will shout as I rise in the clouds
D BmOn the day my Lord returns
Sit as His table and drink of salvation
D AAnd praise His Holy name
ADance around Heaven with Moses and Aaron
D BmAnd proclaim what God has done
So begone all you troubles and all of you devils
D ABecause Jesus He’s my song
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