Hawksley Workman – Snowmobile chords


[Verse 1]
G F C GOh, litte snowmobile. Leaving your tracks
G F C Gdon't go getting bogged down, when you're driving off the path
F#/G Emdriving off the path
G Cno we weren't ready for winter to come
Bm Cwhen you leave the only certain trail
G Dall the signs of life, leave their details
Em Cthe fox will pee right in the snow
G Dand that's how you know that he's been there
[Verse 2]
G F C Goh little snowmobile, ducking by the pine
G F C Gyou better keep you compass near, to point you in a line
F#/G Empoint you in a line
G Cbecause when it so cold, and the stars at night
Bm Cshine unfettered by the city's haze
G Dyou point with your mitten hand, to the milky wa
Em C Gthe torn feathers of a partridge, who was lost in thought
Dwhen the coyote came
G D F Coh little snowmobile, mixing oil and gas
D# Bb D DI don't know what the ratio is, and it feels to late to ask
G F C Goh little snowmobile, the spring is coming soon
G F Coh little snowmobile, the spring is coming soon
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