Heirloom – Prologue chords


G  D  A  G


[Verse 1]

Bm                           G

These are the fruits I'm all over

D                            A

Theirs are the leaves that I steep

Bm                            G

These are the grapes that are ripe and

D                       A

Theirs is the vintage I keep


[Verse 2]


Beyond in a field God fallowed

D                      A

Stand black birds in a row


They've eaten the seeds I can't swallow

     D                            A

I've planted the seeds they can't sow


[Verse 3]

Bm                              G

I've sipped the wine that would poison

D                                    A

They've pecked the stones that would choke

Bm                        G

I've built a scarecrow of straw and

D                           A

They cock their heads at my joke


[Verse 4]


And I cock my head as I watch them

D                             A

They cawed and chirped on the ground


I whispered my life in the quiet

D                     A

They flew away at the sound


[Verse 5]

             Bm                 G

That was the summer that's over

D                       A

This is the fall that's begun

             B                    G

Stand on the spot where I started

      D                  A

Those birds fly into the sun




And that's the light that's gone out


That's the sun that has set

       D                     A

I will watch the horizon all evening


I'll watch until I forget



G  D  A

G  D  A


[Verse 6]

Bm                      G

This is the harvest I'm left with

D                           A

Bare vines aligned in their rows

Bm                       G

No grapes or birds for a season

  D                A

A season buried in snow


[Verse 7]


Now if grapes are rather like language

D                     A

I sip the wine of the fruit


My words are all one of vintage

   D                     A

My words are a fruitless pursuit

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