Helena Deland – A Stone Is A Stone chords


[Verse 1]
Emaj7 BbmThink of something you've seen
Emaj7Break it down
Emaj7 Bbm E
Emaj7 BbmTell me as much as you can
Emaj7Break it down for me
[Verse 2]
Emaj7 BbmOh, how I love what you see
Emaj7 F#m G#mMake it sound like I haven't even been listening
F#m E BbmTo a word you say with your back to the wall
Emaj7 F#m G#mSomehow now, how I got here, I can't recall
F#m G#m F#m Emaj7But then again, here I am
Emaj7 C#mThinking there has to have been
Bm F#m Emaj7Something wrong
Emaj7 C#mSince the time when a stone was a stone
Bm F#m Emaj7Now, what do I know?
Emaj7 AThis is how you go
Bm F#m Emaj7Now what do I know
Emaj7 AThis is how you go
Bm F#m Emaj7 [Outro]
Emaj7 AAnd if again we must go, this time
Emaj7 C#m G#mI know how to go about it like I don't mind
F#m BIt's my plight
F#m Emaj7To you, my dear, again, good night
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