Heywood Banks – Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highway chords

[Verse 1]
C Gonna take the express way
GFrom Ohio to Ioway
Then I'm gonna ride the road
Cfrom Ioway to Idaho
F I wish they'd build a highway
CFrom Idaho to Hawaii
G Oh I know that you can fly-ee
CBut i'd rather drive-ee
G N.C. COn the Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highway.
(Everybody here we go!) [Chorus]
F COn the Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highway
D GThere's the Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highway
[Verse 2]
C GGonna buy me some pineapple when I'm in Hawaii
CMaybe pick up some pied apples when I m out in Idaho
F CI'm gonna buy me an apple pie when I'm driving through Iowah
G N.C CAnd a pallet of thermometers at the Costco in Toledo Ohio
G N.C CThat's pineapple pied apples apple pie and a pallet-of-thermometers-at-costco-in-Toledo Ohio.
Ok a little Ohioiowaidahohawaii (Lets go!) [Chorus]
F COn the Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highway (What a crowd! Ok just the girls now...)
F D GThat's the [ ] Yeah! [Mouth Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highway to the crowd]
[Verse 3]
C GWhen I go to the dentist and he puts my gums to sleep
CI can't feel my tongue or cheeck and my lips feel like a piece of meat
F CWhen he's firing up his drill bit and I'm drowning in my own spit
G N.C. CI sing along with the hits like the Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highway. (Ok everybody at the dentist, here we go!)
F C[While Gargling] On the Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highway [sucking noise]
D GThere's the Ohioiowaidahohawaii High - [Impersonates a dentist's drill]
[Verse 4]
C GIf I get lockjaw from stepping on a rusty fender
COr I get my teeth wired shut a-sipping burgers from a blender
F COr I'm doing an immpression of Clint with my teeth all clenched
G N.C. CAnd my eyes all squinched I do the Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highway
(Ok Clint Eastwood guys, you can do it here we go...) [Chorus]
F C[as Clint Eastwood] That's the Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highway. Punk.
D G CThat's the Ohioiowaidahohawaii Highwayeeee-eeeee-eeeee
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