Highly Suspect – Bath Salts chords

Am F E G# (x5)

[Verse 1]
Am FHey, I'm feeling okay, it's good
E G# AmCause lately I've been feeling so strange
F E G#Like I've been re-arranged, changed
AmAnd these voices
Am B C#m Dm FThe ones that I can hear in my head
E G# AmOh these fellas are telling me that I'd be better off dead
F E G#They're painting me red
OH! [Bridge] Am Am Am Am F E G# (x2) [Verse 2]
N.CAnd lately
N.CIt's been getting harder to sleep
N.CThese muscle spasms hit me so deep
N.CAnd every single night I get cold
AmLike I can't feel my hands or my toes
Am B C#m Dm FAnd no one told me which way to go mmm
E G# AmBut I'm still here, so
F E G# AmWhy don't you pour me another one, Kyle?
Am Am Am Am F E G# Hey
Am Am Am Am F
E G#Why can't I come down?
Am E F C B Hey Ho
Am E F C B Ooh, yeah
[Verse 3]
AmI'm so cold again
E FCan't feel my face again, no!
C BMy patience is wearing thin
Am6 A.M. there goes the moon
E FI feel like death is coming soon and, oh
C B Am F E G#All I wanna do is fucking sleep mmm yeah yeah
Am B C#m F E G# Am [Verse 4]
AmNothing flashed before my eyes
FNo pretty angels, and no bright lights
EAll I saw was the devil's soul
EAnd it looked a hell of a lot like my own
[Outro] Am F E G# (x7) Am B C#m F E G# Am Am
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