Hobnail Boots – Goodnight chords


C G C FAlright, alright, it's been one hell of a night
C G F GBut now the night is almost over
C GFinish off your beer and your wine
C FWe'll soon be calling our time
C GAnd if somebody's waiting at home,
F GI hope you're still sober
C GMay your troubles be gone as you walk out the door
C FMay your future look brighter than ever before
C GAnd may all that is wrong turn out right,
C GGoodnight
C G C FAlright, okay, it's only so much we can play
C G F GA verse and one chorus more but then we'll be gone
C GFinish off your beer and your wine
C FHurry up but take your time
C GAnd if you not have enough, well you know,
F GThere's always tomorrow
C GMay your winters be short and your summers be long,
C FMay wherever life takes you be where you belong
C GWould the last one to leave here please turn out the light,
C GGoodnight
[Solo] C G C F C G F G C G C F C G C G [Chorus]
C G F G CGoodnight, goodnight
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