Hodera – Best Intentions chords

C* F*Got bored in your bedroom so we went for a drive
C* F*To the lake where I grew up, it was almost midnight
C* F*Stole a boat and rowed out, watched the moon eclipse go by
C* FAnd the water below us was as deep as the love that kept us floating there
F*But this boat's sinking slowly now that you'€™re gone
[Verse 1]
C FI guess we'€™ll just stop talking then
CWe can forget this ever happened
F Am'€˜Cause it's obvious I can't just be your friend
F Am FI'€™m going in circles '€˜cause I only have one paddle out here alone
C FGot back to shore 'bout 2AM
CI grabbed your jacket on the boat dock
F AmAnd I pulled you in and we kissed
F AmIt was so dark, I found your lips
FOnly because I felt your breath
C FI know that soon I will be fine
CYou left this void the size of pines lake
F AmNow I'm filling it up one cup at a time
F Am F*And if I knew that was the last time I'€™d see you
I might have said [Bridge]
C* F*Hey Mary, that was one crazy summer
C* F*I know after this we'€™ll never see each other
C* F*I'm old enough now to know nothing lasts forever
C*The only thing I ask is please
[Verse 2]
F GRemember every detail of this moment
AmBecause once you close that door you'€™ll never see me
CAnd some day you might remember
FWhen we drove out to the lake
G AmAnd stole a boat to see the moon eclipse go by
CAnd when you think of this, I just want you to picture
FBoth my eyes looking intently
GHear my words as free verse poetry
AmFeel my hands painting your body
CDon't regret you ever met me
F'Cause I know you couldn't love me
G AmBut if I must be a memory won'€™t you frame me in a way
C FThat you will smile when you'€™re picturing my face
GAnd then I promise I won'€™t call you like I did
AmWhen I was drunk in Austin, Texas
CSwear I had the best intentions
F* G*I won't call you like I did when I was drunk in Austin, Texas
Am*And I let out all my demons
C*Swear I had the best intentions
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