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[Chords] E A C#m Be|--x--|--0--|--0--|--0--|B|--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|G|--1--|--2--|--6--|--4--|D|--2--|--2--|--6--|--4--|A|--2--|--0--|--4--|--2--|E|--0--|--x--|--x--|--x--|
[Verse 1]
EIf only you knew what I said
C#m BBefore I began to fall from your arms
EI'm just dead from the center again
C#m B A C#m BNo one is here, nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong
[Verse 2]
EYou're just a string in a web of a memory
C#m BI'll light a candle for you every year
EI say my goodbyes as if someone is dying
C#m B A C#m BTo get out of myself and get out of here
A C#m BOut of here
[Verse 3]
ELost all these days in a week without knowing
C#m BI slept myself dumb and woke up alone like a
EShip that's been floating so long, no direction
C#m B EI'm letting in all the water to drown me go home
Go home
E C#m BD|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|----0--------0--------0--------0--------0--------0--------0--------0------|F|-------1--------1--------1--------1---------------------------------------|C|-------------------------------------------6--------6--------4--------4---|G|-0--------0--------0--------0--------4--------4--------2--------2---------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
EStrong are the winds that just pulled us apart
C#m BI'm guessing that you weren't alone in the yard
EOf the sharp knife that cut me from all that I knew
C#mYou said that you believed in me
B AWhy did you throw me away?
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