Horizon – Three In The Morning chords

Dm C Bb A

[Verse 1]

D DmThree in the morning
Ait's cold and it's dark
Am F Dmand this game is about to start
AYou haven't got a heart,
A have you, Spades?
AConsidering all those people
Gyou've put into their graves
AIt seems to me
those in the bourgeoisie
Care aiming to be
Dmthe ones who run this town
F C Am Bb A [Verse 2]
Dm F Am BbBroken clocks, fading lives, and
Dm Athe Midnight Crew, here to play their hand
A DmSo, how many of you are ready to watch your worlds fade to black?
DmDoesn't matter, anyway --
Dm just thought I would ask
Dmout of courtesy, between you and me
Dmbecause Mr. Spades Slick won't be showing you any of that
DmMr. Spades Slick would rather stick a knife in your back
F A DmI don't think you know
F Dm F Emwhat's really going on behind the scenes of this show
Dm C Bb A Bb F Bb A C F C E Am
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