Hotel Mira – Speaking Off The Record chords

[Verse 1]
G Bm15 of my closest friends, walked me right up to the ledge
G Bm Riff”Everyone loves you,” they said, so why do they leave me for dead?
G BmSpeaking off the record baby, I can’t believe you hurt yourself again
G BmAnd even for a second baby, I can’t believe you’d risk it all for them
Riff G BmI spent the bulk of my youth, fucking my hand in my room
G Bm RiffSinging a song out of tune, and wishing my brown eyes were blue
G BmAnd speaking of your record baby, don’t include the early years at all
G Bm RiffThey’re just a bit depressing, maybe? just give them all the rockstar that they want
A String:--5---------/---------7-------- G** D* Em* G** Or maybe I spoke too soon, it’s something I always do
D Em G* Whatever kills me fastest find a way to mask it, singing to the masses
D Em G* Or maybe I spoke too soon
D Em G** I’m not Cobain, I’m just a bitch, singing to the masses
D* Em* G*** but I live for fame, and I’ll die for it, Singing to the masses
D* Em G* oh baby boy, you are not dead, You’re singing to the masses
D Em G** you’re on the cusp, but not quite yet, Singing to the masses, singing to the masses
Bm G*I thought that we were passed this
Bm G*and speaking off the record baby, speaking off the record baby
Bm G*When I come untethered baby, oh when I come untethered baby
G BmAre you feeling better baby, or do you think about it every night?
GHey, you’re smiling more than ever baby
BmTell me why you want to end your life
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