Hungry Generation – Alpha And Omega chords

C FYou are the only one
DmYou are the Great I am
A#There's no one like you Lord
CThere's no one like you My God
[Verse 1]
FLet All the Earth Sing
DmThe Heaven's bow at your feet
GmAnd the Universe
CThousand Angels Sing
F Dm7Alpha and Omega
Gm CBeginning and the End
F DmHigh and Exalted
Gm CWho was and is to Come (3)
A# F Cyou are You are You Are
A# F COh Your comfort, Oh Lord
[Repeat the Intro, Verse1] [Outro]
A#Lord let your kingdom
CCome be established
DmYour will be done on Earth
AmAs in Heaven (3)
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