Ian Dury And The Blockheads - Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll tab


Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll by Ian Dury and The Blockheads

Worked out by Matt Poole of England, England, using my excellent brain.

Main riff:

This occurs throughout the song - mainly when he's singing sexanddrugsandrockandroll
this bit leads into the verses
(these words go over the riff) Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll Is all my brain and body need Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll Is very good indeed C#m Abm A B Keep your silly ways or throw them out the window C#m Abm A B The wisdom of your ways I've been there and I know C#m Abm A B Lots of other ways, what a jolly bad show D B A G If all you ever do is business you don't like play that riff again Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll Is very good indeed do the chords again for this verse Ev'ry bit of clothing ought to make you pretty You can cut the clothing, grey is such a pity I should wear the clothing of Mr. Walter Mitty See my tailor, he's called Simon I know it's going to fit vamp on a III pos Em chord over this bit Here's a little bit of advice You're quite welcome, it is free Don't do nothin' that is cut-price You know what they'll make you be They will try their tricky devise Trap you with the ordin'ry Get your teeth into a small slice The cake of liberty verse chords over keys solo then go berserk on the riff until the song finishes. Or longer, if you prefer. Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll - ow! ow! Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll - ow! ow! ow! ow! Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll .... Peace.
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