Iceage – Forever chords

E G E GI always had the sense that I was split in two
C Bm AIt seems so complicated
F# GTo shift between existence
F# ETo long for the better one
E GLurking in his footsteps
E GHounding his trace
C Bm A F# GIt is backbreaking being a search dog
F# ELooking for its tail
[Chorus x2]
E CIf i could dive into the other
C GLike it was an ocean
G ACaressed by its wáter
FI’d lose myself forever
FI’d lose myself forever
CI’d lose myself forever
E GJust below the surface
E GThe surge is keeping me adrift
C Bm ABut then I leap into the heavens
F# GReveal myself to everyone
F# ETo astonish and amaze
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