Iggy Pop – Tonight chords

Title     : Tonight
Artist    : Iggy Pop
Source    : Lust for Life Albumn, 1977
Chords by : Lee Kirby, Stockport, UK, 6th March 2011

C  Em  D  A

CI saw my baby
EmShe was turning blue
DOh, I knew that soon, her
AYoung life was through
CAnd so I got down on my knees
EmDown by her bed
DAnd these are the words
ATo her I said
D Em BmEveryone will be all right, Tonight [x2]
G D Em GNo one moves, No one talks, No one thinks, No one walks
D ATonight, Tonight
D Em BmI am gonna love her to the end [x2]
G DI will love her 'til I die
Em GI will see her in the sky...Tonight [x5]
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