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Im From Barcelona – Painter tab

I've tabbed this after watching an acoustic perfomance of the song on youtube. It's just
chordsequence A E Bm E A throughout the whole song. In this performance Emanuele plays
A major chords at the end of the sequenz on the 9th bound. It's a beautiful song, have 
with it. If you have got any questions, corrections, comments or other stuff you want to
me mail to :

I'm from Barcelona - The Painter

Nanana part :
A E Bm D E

I'm just a painter
I do my copyart
But I see what is on your eyes
      D                    E
And I know what is on your heart

I have to go now because
the cops are on the way
And I haven't got a license
      D             E
But I have a lot to say

A                     E
Don't give up on your dreams boy
Bm                    D          E
Don't give up on your dreams, no buddy!

Nanana part:
A E Bm D E
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