Imperial Teen – Luxury tab

Imperial Teen
Tabbed by Robert

G2e|------------------------------|B|--10--10\7--7--7/10--12\7--7--|G|------------------------------|D|------------------------------|A|------------------------------|E|------------------------------|play this twicethen play it with the lyricsBand tacet
I licked the lap of luxury Bit off enough to chew I love the taste of anything That I can spit at you [There's actually some picking pattern here but I don't know it] A F# I feel bad to be good and so misunderstood About bad and what's good and what's misunderstood To be had is too good to be misunderstood It's just sad that I don't have a friend A5 F#5 I crashed the family limousine A5 F#5 I drove to feel the drive A5 F#5 The chouffer's dead my momma said A5 F#5 And you're the one alive A5 F#5 A5 F#5 I can't be what you want me to be A5 F#5 E What you bought was free The rest is pretty much the same. E-mail me or message me at my site if you have any comments or corrections
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