Incubus – No Scrubs tab

Band: Incubus
Song: No Scrubs (TLC Cover)
Album: Live on 120 Minutes (
Tabbed By: Chris Frazier

Chords:E|---|-5-|---|---|B|-5-|-5-|---|-0-|G|-7-|-5-|---|-2-|D|-7-|-7-|-2-|-2-|A|-5-|-7-|-2-|-0-|E|---|-5-|---|---| D A E A2
Verse: Riff A Riff B Riff C Riff DE|-------1-|-------0-|---------|-3--1p0---0-|B|-----1-1-|-----1-1-|-------3-|--------3---|G|---2-----|---2-----|-----1-1-|------------|D|-0-------|---------|---2-----|------------|A|---------|-0-------|-2-------|------------|E|---------|---------|---------|------------|
Chorus: D, A, E, A2 Song Structure: They tune up and strum a few chords... then... 2nd DJ thing... Riff A \ Riff B |= Play this Riff C |= 4 times Riff B / Riff A \ Riff B |= Play this Riff C |= 1 time Riff D / Play Chords of Chorus as shown directly above the song structure.
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