Incubus – Drive tab

artist: Incubus 

SongTitle: Drive 

Tabs: Album : Make Yourself 
Artist: Incubus 
Title : Drive 
Tabber: Greg Horne 
Email : 

Incubus is an awsome band, which is why i'm posing this tab. 
The one i saw was okay, but my way is easier and may even be 
the correct way to play the intro.  I figured this out while 
I was jamming, heh it was in my head so much I though I made 
it up. :( 

Intro: (Do strum muting where there are x's, listen and you'll see) 

e|-----0--x----0----x------0--x--------| b|-----0--x----0----x------0--x--------| g|-----0--x----0----x------0--x--------| D|-----5--x----4-0--x----2-2--x----2~--| A|---7-7--x--5-5----x--3---3--x----3~--| E|-0------x---------x---------x--5-5~--|
Pre Chorus:
e|-----0-x--0--------------------------| b|-----0-x--0-------2]-----------------| g|-----0-x--0--------](Strum This)-----| D|------------------2]-----------------| A|-3-3-----3--x-0-0--------------------| E|-------------------------------------| It's driven me before..........
Chorus: Same as intro except Do this every now and then.
(Let them ring) e|-12----12----12----12----------------| b|----12----12----12----12-------------| g|-------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------|
Solo: (Stole from Erik's tab. Why reinvent the wheel?) B-5--5-5-5-7/12-10-888-10-3-3-5-5\333-5-555-5-555-8-10-12- B-12-12-10-15-12-10-12-5-3-3-5-5-333-10-10-10-8-8\5-5\3-0-
B-----0 G-2-2--
End: +--(Strum It!) |
e|-----0-------| b|-----0-------| g|-----0-------| D|-----2---2~--| A|--3--3---3~--| E|---------5~--|
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