Incubus - I Miss You tab

I think this is right though I wouldn't really know I usually play flute, but as I Miss You is probably the best song ever written I thought it was unfair for it not to have any drum tab. Feel free to e-mail if it seems horribly wrong.  
Watch the accents they have to be a lot louder than the rest of the snare bits.   

x=snare   v=accented snare (or side stick i guess)   r=ride cymbal  b=bass     

---|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------------------- ---|----v-----v-|-----v-----v|----v-----v-|------v-v---|---------------------- ---|x------xx---|xx-x--------|x------xx---|xx-xx-------|---------------------- ---|b-----b-b---|b-----b-b---|b-----b-b---|b-----b-b---|---------------------- ---|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------------------- ---|1---2---3---|1---2---3---|1---2---3---|1---2---3---|---------------------- You repeat this twice for the intro and 4x for the verse.then the chorus is
----r-----------|------------|------------------------------------------------ ---|------------|v----------v|------------------------------------------------ ---|------------|------------|------------------------------------------------ ---|b-----b-b---|b-----b-b---|------------------------------------------------ ---|------------|------------|------------------------------------------------ ---|1---2---3---|1---2---3---|------------------------------------------------ Play this 8x then the verse bit twice then your back at the beginning for V2
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