Incubus – I Miss You tab ver. 2

Artist: Incubus
Song: I Miss You
Album: Make Yourself

Tabbed by: Revlin

Great song. Great band. Why not have a chord version of it?

Tuning: Drop D

Chords Used:

B G De|-----|-----|-----|B|--0--|-----|-----|G|--0--|-----|-----|D|--4--|--5--|--4--|A|--2--|--5--|--0--|D|-----|--5--|--0--|
Optional Chords:
D/C# G/C#e|------|------|B|------|------|G|------|------|D|--0---|--0---|A|--4---|--4---|D|--0---|--5---|
Alright, for the intro and verse you can pick this:
Or, you can strum these. Which don't sound even close to as well, but if you're lazy... D/C# G/C# (Play riff, or strum D/C# G/C#) To see you when I wake up, Is a gift I didn't think could be real. To know that you feel the same as I do... Is a three-fold, utopian dream... Chorus: B G D B G D You do something to me that I can't explain. B G D G So would I be out of line if I said; G I miss you... (Riff or D/C# G/C#) I see your picture, I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine. You have only been gone ten days, But already I'm wasting away. Chorus: B G D I know I'll see you again... B G D Whether far or soon. B G D But I need you to know.. G That I care. G And I miss you. (Riff or D/C# G/C#) End on:
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