Incubus – Drive chords ver. 3

DRIVE by Incubus
A.      Chords:
Em7(X79787) D7(X57575) Cmaj7(X35453) A2(X02200)

Intro: Em7-D7-Cmaj7-A2 (2x)
Verses: Em7-D7-Cmaj7-A2 (4x)
Refrains: Cmaj7--D7--Em7--A2
Chorus: Em7-D7-Cmaj7-A2 (4x)
Adlib: Em7-D7-Cmaj7-A2*Optional: Every 2nd “A2” chord in Intro and Verses mute the “A2” chord.
B. Lyrics Verse I: Sometimes, I feel the fear of Uncertainty stinging clear And I cant help but ask myself how much I let the fear Take the wheel and steer Refrain I: It s driven me before and seems to have a vague Haunting mass appeal But lately I beginning to find that I Should be the one behind the wheel Chorus: Whatever tomorrow brings, I ll be there With open arms and open eyes, yeah Whatever tomorrow brings, I ll be there I ll be there Verse II: So, if I decide to waiver my Chance to be one of, the hive Will I choose water over wine? And hold my own drive? Aah ah ooh Refrain II: It s driven me before and it seems to be the way That everyone else gets around But lately I m beginning to find that when I drive myself my light is found (Repeat Chorus) (Adlib) Refrain III: Would you choose water over wine? Hold the wheel and drive (Repeat Chorus)
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