India Arie - Beautiful Surprise tab

This is my first tab.  Let me know how you like it.  Listen to the CD to find the
but I'll do my best to put it in wehre I can.  I really hope you guys enjoy it.  I feel pretty
about it, it being my first tab.  So, good luck and enjoy.

So I don't really know the names of these chords, but here are the fingerings for the
used.  I have them separated below so that you know when to play each note, but go ahead
play it to your liking if you think it's different, which it might just be.

Into I tried to follow the rhythm for the intro and the chorus. I'm also going to post a version of the song with just the fingering for the verses, and you can use those to figure the rhythm for yourself using the CD or if you can find the song online.
1&a2&a3&a4&a 1&a2&a3&a4&aE|--0---------|------------|B|--0---------|--4---4-----|G|--6---------|--4---4-----|D|------------|--X---X-----|A|0-----------|--X---4-----|E|--X---------|4-----X-----|
1&a2&a3&a4&a 1&a2&a3&a4&aE|------------|------------|B|------------|--4----4----|G|--6---------|--4----4----| 2XD|--6---------|--X----X----|A|0-----------|--X----4----|E|--X---------|4------X----|
1&a2&a3&a4&a 1&a2&a3&a4&aE|------------|------------|B|--2----4--5-|------------|G|--2----4--6-|------------|D|--X----X--X-|------------|A|--X----X--X-|------------|E|2---4-----5-|---5--5--5--|
Verse 1 This is how the rhythm or strumming sounds to me. I don't really know how to show it is strum up or down on the comp, so just do what's comfortable to you I guess. I'm to post a simpler version with just the fingering and use the either the CD, an online of the song, or your own judgment to figure out the rhythm. I find that most think it is played differently anyway. Good luck and enjoy.
1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&a 1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&aE|---0-----0--0---|----------------|B|---0-----0--0---|---4-----4--44--|G|---6-----6--6---|---4-----4--44--| 3XD|----------------|---X-----X--XX--|A|0-----0---------|---X--4--X-444--|E|----------------|4-----X----XXX--|(It's like yesterday....)
1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&a 1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&aE|----------------|----------------|B|----2------4----|----5---5---5---|G|----2------4----|----6---6---6---|D|----X------X----|----X---X---X---|A|----X------X----|----X---X---X---|E|2-------4-----5-|----5---5---5---|(You are a beautiful surprise...)
1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&a 1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&aE|---0-----0--0---|----------------|B|---0-----0--0---|---4-----4--44--|G|---6-----6--6---|---4-----4--44--| 3XD|----------------|---X-----X--XX--|A|0-----0---------|---X--4--X-444--|E|----------------|4-----X----XXX--|(Intoxicated every time....)
1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&a 1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&aE|----------------|----------------|B|----2------4----|----5---5---5---|G|----2------4----|----5---5---5---|D|----X------X----|----X---X---X---|A|----X------X----|----X---X---X---|E|2-------4-----5-|----5---5---5---|(You are a beautiful surprise...)
1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&a 1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&aE|----------------|----------------|B|----2--2-2------|----4--4-4------|G|----2--2-2--2---|----4--4-4--4---| 3xD|----X--X-X--X---|----X--X-X--X---|A|----X--X-X--X---|----X--X-X--X---|E|2----------2----|4----------4----|(Whatever it is...)
1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&a 1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&aE|----------------|----------------|B|----5--5-5--5---|----------------|G|----5--5-5--5---|5---5---5---5---|D|----X--X-X--X---|----------------|A|----X--X-X--X---|----------------|E|5---------------|----------------|
Verse 2
1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&a 1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&aE|---0-----0--0---|----------------|B|---0-----0--0---|---4-----4--44--|G|---6-----6--6---|---4-----4--44--| 3XD|----------------|---X-----X--XX--|A|0-----0---------|---X--4--X-444--|E|----------------|4-----X----XXX--|(You are everything I ask for....)
1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&a 1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&aE|----------------|----------------|B|----2------4----|----------------|G|----2------4----|----------------| X3D|----X------X----|----------------|A|----X------X----|----------------|E|2-------4-----5-|----5---5---5---|(You are a beautiful surprise...)
1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&a 1a&a2a&a3a&a4a&aE|----------------|----------------|B|----2------4----|----5-----------|G|----2------4----|----6-----------|D|----X------X----|----X-----------|A|----X------X----|----X-----------|E|2-------4-----5-|----5-----------|(You are a beautiful surprise...)
Lyrics "Beautiful Surprise" by India Arie "It's like yesterday, i didn't even know your name Now today, you're always on my mind I never could have predicted that i'd feel this way You are a beautiful surprise Intoxicating everytime i hear your voice You get me on a natural high Its almost like I didnt even have a choice You are a beautiful surprise What ever it is you came to teach me I am here to learn it cause I believe that we are written in the stars And i dont know what the future holds, But I'm living in the moment And im thankful for the man that you are (you are) You are everything that i asked for in my prayers So i know my angels brought you to my life Your energy is healing to my soul You are a beautiful surprise You are inspiration to my life You are the reason why i smile You are a beautiful surprise"
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