Godspeed tab with lyrics by Inersha - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Inersha – Godspeed tab

these are the chords for the right hand of the piano. the left hand would go down 
as D, C#, B, A, G, A, so I don't know if all the inversions are necessary if 
you're playing it on guitar.

in the key of D:

D             F#m/C#  Bm                       A              G                A
No good, no how, no man should treat you like he do. 
So come on right now its time for you to get up and out of his house. 
Ive known you too long to let you carry on this way. 
When I was in bad shape Ill never forget what you always used to say. 

D                    A/C#   G/B                                                         G     A 
What are we gonna do-hoo with you, you dont make it easy on me. 
What am i supposed to do-hoo with you, you wont let me help you, wont you?

       D          G/B
Godspeed, keep the lighthouse in sight. 
       D                      G/B
Godspeed to you, keep the lighthouse in sight. 
       D                      A                                 G                     D
Godspeed to you, put out the light and hope you make it alive. 

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