Into It Over It – Pinky Swear tab

ARTIST: Into It. Over It.
ALBUM: 52 Weeks
SONG: Pinky Swear

Took a while to figure out, seeing as the tuning is so wacky. If you want to play the
live version, just lower each string a half step. But it’s actually a really simple song
to play, and a ton of fun on acoustic. Hope you enjoy it! If you notice an error of any 
sort, just post it in the comments section and I’ll try to get to it.

There are three riffs used in the song – yep, only three. They are played as follows.

Riff 1

E E E E Q E E S E. E E S E. S S EE||---------x----------x-----|---------x---------------------|B||---------x----------x-----|---------x---------------------|E||---------x-----7----x-----|--2h-4---x-----2h-4---4p-2p-0--|B||-----12--x-----5----x-----|--0--L---x-----0--L---0--L--L--|B||--9---9--x--5--5----x--0--|--0--L---x--0--0--L---0--L--L--|E||--9---9--x--5--5----x--0--|---------x--0------------------|
Riff 2
E E E E Q E E E E E E Q E E--------------------x--x---|--------x----------x------|--------------------x--x---|-----0--x----------x------|---------------7----x--x---|-----x--x-----7----x------|-----12--------5----x--x---|-----2--x-----5----x------|--9---9--x--5--5----x--x---|--2--2--x--5--5----x--x---|--9---9--x--5--5----x--0h--|--2--2--x--5--5----x--0h--|
Riff 3
E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E--------------------------|---------------------------|--------------------------|---------------------------|-----0-----0-----0-----0--|-----0-----0-----0------0--|--5-----4-----2-----0-----|--5-----7-----9-----14-----|--------------------------|---------------------------|--------------------------|---------------------------|
E E E E E E E E W------------------------------|-------------------|-------------------|------------------------------|-------------------|-------------------|------0------0------0------0--|-------------------|-------------------|--17-----16-----14-----12-----|--9----------------|-------------------|------------------------------|-------------------|-------------------|------------------------------|-------------------|-------------------|
The order of the song is really simple, too. Intro: Riff 1, Riff 1, Riff 2, Riff 1 Verse 1: Riff 1, Riff 1, Riff 2, Riff 1 Chorus: Riff 2, Riff 1, Riff 2, Riff 1 Bridge: Riff 1, Riff 1, Riff 2, Riff 1 with Riff 3 x2 over it Verse 2: Riff 1, Riff 1, Riff 2, Riff 1 Chorus: Riff 2, Riff 1, Riff 2, Riff 1, play section twice That’s it! The “L” notation simply means to hold the note – as in, after strumming, don’t mute it. Very simple. Everything else is self explanatory (E being eighth note, h being hammer on etc etc). Hope you enjoy it, rate if you do, rate if you don’t.
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