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Inxs – Hungry chords

Hungry - INXS

Great song on the Switch album. It's mostly keys/synths but here are the chords.

F - G - F - G

FThe world is a hungry place
GAnd it’s never satisfied
FLeaving home, on your own,
GYour momma she was right
AmHome was a crowded space,
FBut it sometimes gratified
G C FLook around, freedom found, now you’ve gone
G FYou don’t belong to me,
G CI’ve just got to let you go
G FYou don’t belong to me,
G CI’ve just got to let you know
Verse 2 (=Verse 1) Pre-Chorus:
G Am C Dm Baby turn back
G Am C Dm Don’t ride the highway
G Am C Dm baby good luck
G Am C Dm Em Dm C F When you do it your way
Chorus 2 (=Chorus 1) Brigde: Am - G - Dm - (C) F C - Am - G - Dm - F
Am G When there’s nothing in your way
DmAnd hunger burns inside
C F CReaching out on your own way
Am G Dm FReaching out, you're reaching out on your own way
Verse 3 (=others) Lust is a hungry place, And it’s never satisfied You need to find, The gift of love that comes from deep inside Your heart is a special place, And I’m always there, I’m always there for you Chorus 3 (=others) Pre-Chorus = 1st but finish with F - Em - Dm - C by marcos.nagato at gmail dot com
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