Inxs – Beautiful Girl tab

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Beautiful Girl, INXS, from the album "Welcome to Wherever You Are"

Here's what I hear, any changes, mistakes, or improvements are
welcomed and encouraged.

Marc (

Intro: B E B E B E B E G#m D#m G#m D#m E F# E F#

intro pseudo tab: B E----------------0--------------------------------------------||(guitar part, repeat 4x)------4-----------0------------------------------------------||(this goes along with the piano part,----4---4-----1-----1----------------------------------------|| try different patterns of G#m, D#m,--4-------4-2---------|| E, & F# when chord changes in intro-||-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------||
(piano part) B E B E B E B E--------------------------------|-----------------------------|------------4-4-----------------|---------4-4-----------------|--------4-6---------4-6-4---4---|-----4-6---------4-6-4---4---|----4-6---------4-6-------6-----|-4-6---------4-6-------6-----|--------------------------------|-----------------------------|--------------------------------|-----------------------------|
G#m D#m G#m D#m E F# E F#----4-2-4------4-2-4-------4-2-----------4-2------------------|----------4----------4-2-------4-2-----------4-2--------------|-------------------------4---------4-1-4---------4-1-4-1------|---------------------------------------------------------4----|--------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------|
B E B E Nicky's in the corner, with a black coat on B E B E Running from a bad home, with some cat inside B E B E Now where did you find her, among the neon lights B E B E That haunt the streets outside, she says stay with me F# G#m E Beautiful girl (stay with me) F# G#m E Beautiful girl (stay with me) C#m E She wanna go home B E B E From doorway to doorway, street corner to corner B E B E B Neon ghosts in the city, and she says stay with me (same chords as intro) Stay with me Stay with me Stay with me (same chords as first stanza and chorus) She's so scared, so very frightened Anything can happen, right here tonight Beautiful girl (stay with me) Beautiful girl (stay with me) She wanna go home B E Stay with me (beautiful girl) B E Stay with me (beautiful girl) B E Stay with me (beautiful girl) B E B Stay with me (beautiful girl)
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