Ioneye – Who Do You Think You Are chords

D# D C A X4

Something on my mind that i really want to say

Wouldnt make a difference if i told you anyway 

And you've got no friends, you really are a bore

Cant afford a house so youre living on my floor


And you aint got a life, and you cant get a wife and i wont give you money

I said who do you, who do you, who do you think you are?

D# D C A

You nag and you nag, you little scum bag

You get dressed up in your dirty wet rags 

So step out the que, coz you dont have a clue

You wear your baggy jeans to a job interview


Middle 8


A A A C C C G G G D D C C A A A C C C G G G D D C C X8

Guitar solo over the top

Choras x2

End on, D# D C A

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