Iq – Promises As The Years Go By tab

IQ - Promises (as The Years Go By) 

Em  C   D   Am

Em	  C	  D	   Am
Say awhile, when I'm not alone

Em	  C	  D	   Am
I forget all the anger in me

Em	  C	  D	   Am
Kiss a tear when the hammer falls

Em	  C	  D	   Am
They're holding me here in never ending circles

Cm             A       E     F#
I can still remember summer madness

Cm      A           E            B
I can taste the perfume on your cheek

Cm             A          E       F#
The heat is overcome by coldness--How

Cm             A       E     B
Consoling words are insignificant

Say you'll pray

Justify the actions
These are days of the mob-rule, sharp tongue, curfew
When the mind is in solitary confinement--
Makes the mood that breaks you

There's a spirit seeking liberation
Here's a fire with a hungry heart
If I listen maybe, time will tell me
The reasons why we're torn apart

      Cm A B  F#
As the years go by
Cm           A       B      F#
Don't make any false promises
      Cm A B  F#
As the years go by

Say you'll pray
Here the silence is too loud
In a steel barred jail on the other side
We invented the differences
That weaved the web with which we lied
Caught in the middle of a cold war zone
I left my lover in a far-off place
She'll kiss a tear when the hammer's falling
And wipe the darkness from my face

As the years go by
Don't make any false promises
As the years go by
Just say you'll pray
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