Iration - Wait And See chords

Just putting this up there so people have something to work with.  As of right now, this 
song is nowhere to be found on the internet.  It's not perfect, but I think I got the 
feel of it down.  Enjoy.

Iration -  Wait and See

[intro] C#m Be|-----------5----------2--------------4-7-7--4-------4-------4-----|B|-----------6----------4------------7-----------7-7-----7-7------5-|G|-----------7----------4-------------------------------------------|D|-----------7----------4-------------------------------------------|A|-----------5----------2-------------------------------------------|E|-----------5----------2-------------------------------------------|
repeat lick C#m Be|-----4-7-7--4-------4--------------------------------5------2-----|B|---7-----------7-7------7---5------------------------6------4-----|G|-----------------------------------------------------7------4-----|D|-----------------------------------------------------7------4-----|A|-----------------------------------------------------5------2-----|E|-----------------------------------------------------5------2-----|
Verse A C#m B Chorus A B C#m That's it. Get a feel for the song and play it a few times. You'll get it. And here's a clean chord blank if you want to make your own tabs for people. Tim Lock
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