Iron And Wine – Lions Mane chords

GRun like a race for family
when you hear like you're alone
EmThe rusted gears of morning
to faceless busy phones
C We gladly run in circles
D but the shape we're meant to make
Gis gone
GLove is a tired symphony
you hum when you awake
EmLove is a crying baby
mama warned you not to shake
CLove is the best sensation
D Ghiding in the lion's mane
GSo I'll clear the road, the gravel
and the thorn bush in your path
EmBurn the scented oil
that I'll drip into your bath
CThe water's there to warm you
Dand the earth is warmer when
Gyou laugh.
GLove is a scene I render
when you catch me wide awake
EmLove's a dream you enter
though I shake and shake and shake you
C Love is the best endeavor waiting
D G in the lion's mane
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