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Iron And Wine – Swans And The Swimming tab

Swans And The Swimming by Iron & Wine	                           CAPO: 3th

INTRO: Dm Dm9 Am C/g Ge||--1-----0---------|-------0---------|-------3---------|-------3------------||B||----3-------------|-1---------------|-1-----------1---|-3-------------3----||G||.-----2-----2-----|---2-------0-----|---0-------0-----|---0---------0-----.||D||.-0-----------0---|-----2-----------|-----2-----------|-----0-------------.||A||----------0-------|-0-------0---2---|-3-------3-------|---------0h2--------||E||------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-3------------------|| |_| |_| |_| | |_| |_| |_| | |_| |_| |_| | |_| |_| |_|_| |
VERSE: Dm Dm9 Am C/g Ge||--1-----0---------|-0-------0-------|-------3---------|-------3----------||B||----3-------------|---1-------------|-1-----------1---|-3----------------||G||.-----2-----2-----|-----2-------0---|---0-------0-----|---0-------------.||D||.-0-----------0---|-------2---------|-----2-----------|-----0-----------.||A||----------0-------|-0---------0---2-|-3-------3-------|---------0---2----||E||------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-3----------------|| |_| |_| |_| | |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| | |_| |_| | |
CHORUS: F G* C G/H Ame||------------------|-------3---------|-------0-------0-|-------0-----------||B||--1-----0-----1---|-3-----------3---|-1-------3-------|-1-----------------||G||.---0-------0---0-|---0-------0---0-|---0-------0-----|---2-------2------.||D||.-----------------|-----------------|-----2-------0---|-----2------------.||A||------3-----------|-----2-----------|-3-------2-------|-0-------0---------||E||--1-------1-------|-3-------3-------|-----------------|-------------0-----|| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |
G* at the repeat
e|-------3-----------|B|-3-------------3---|G|---0---------0-----|D|-------------------|A|-----2---0h2-------|E|-3-----------------| |_| |_| |_|_| |
VERSE 1: dm dm9 am "Take me again," she said, thinking of him, C/G G "to the pond with the swans and the swimming." Far from his room, that familiar perfume that would've left her aware she was naked VERSE 2: The lesson she learned when her memory stirs is to marvel with love at the sunset and walking away is the dark end of day she will measure and break like a habit CHORUS: F G Oh, how the rain C G/B Am sounds as loud as a lover's words F G And now and again, C G/B Am she's afraid when the sun returns F G VERSE 3: "Take me again," she said, thinking of him, "I don't care for this careful behavior." A brush through her hair, children kissin upstairs Keeps her up with her want for a savior VERSE 4: Sun on the sand, on her knees and her hand as she begs for her fish from the water But turn them away, she's a whip and a slave given time she may find something better CHORUS: F G Oh, how the rain C G/B Am sounds as loud as a lover's words F G And now and again, C G/B Am she's afraid when the sun returns F G (chords 4x)
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