Emily chords with lyrics by Isaac Hayden for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Isaac Hayden – Emily chords

Isaac Hayden/Anthony Billups

Capo 3

CThese days I know more than I wanna know
AmI've seen heartache and pain and it's hard to let it go
F GBut it's always a blessing, to see something precious
CLike your smile
CWhen you look at me I see innocence
AmIt reminds me of the days I had no defense
F GAnd it's crazy to feel, cause I ain't felt something real
CFor a while
CNo I'm not the one to run to
CBabe you know I'm not your kind
C GEmily
FI know you're lonely, baby so am I
Am G CSo don't cry my Emily
Verse 2 So many days have come and gone Since I first saw your face and we sang that song But baby believe me, every detail I still see Even after all, These years CHORUS Instrumental F C G F C G F E Am G D F G CHORUS
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