Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan – Something To Believe tab

Song:   Something to Believe
Artist: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
Album:  Sunday at Devil Dirt (2008)

Tabbed by: CE49 (

 /  = Slide
 p  = Pull off
( ) = Optional

Verse Riff   

     D    D/F# D/G     F#   G

Verse 1 (Mark) D D/F# D/G There's a mockingbird singing in the tree F# G Outside my window looking down on me D D/F# D/G Give me a reason, Something to believe F# G Another season I will sit and grieve Verse 2 (Mark) The battled Sun forever shining on The world keeps turning, All my hope is gone I close my eyes and when the day is done I hang my head and dream about no one Verse 3 (Mark) Show me direction and I'm good to go I'm trying so hard, always fall so low And when I fall there'll be another star I'm chasing my tail, always running Chorus Riff
Em G D Ae|---0------------3------------3----0----------|B|---0------------3------------2----2----------|G|---0------------0------------3----2----------|D|---2--(2--4)----0--(4--2)--0------2--2/4/2p0-|A|---2------------2---------------0------------|E|-0------------3------------------------------|
Chorus (Isobel & Mark) Em G D A Oh, it is so hard with the answers I find Em G D A We're ????? , Weary soul, Weak of mind Em G D A Oh, it is so hard Whistle Solo (over Verse Riff) Verse 4 (Mark) Now you've heard my song will you turn and go? Give me a reason and I'll say it's so If you stand by me I could never leave You'd be the reason, Something to believe Something to believe, Something to believe Something to believe (End on D)
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