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Ivor Novello – Keep The Home Fires Burning chords

I hope this transcription of the changes is enjoyed by all old and young - I was 
shocked when I couldn't find this 1914 classic on the site so thought I've 
submitted it for you all. Thanks!

A E7 AThey were summoned from the hillside
Dm AThey were called in from the glen
E7 AAnd the country found them ready,
E B7 E A E A EAt the stirring call for men
A E7 ALet no tears add to their hardship
Dm A B7As the soldiers pass along
C#m F#mAnd although your heart is breaking
E G#m F#m B7 E F#m/E E6 E7Make it sing this cheer--y sooooong
A A/E E7Keep the homes fires burn-ing
F#m C#7aug C#7While your hears are yearn---ing
D AThough your lads are far a-way
B7 E7They dream of home
A A/E E7There's a silver lin-ing
F#m C#7aug C#7Through the dark cloud shin---ing
D ATurn the dark in-side out
Dm6 A/E E7 A'Till the boys come home
Verse 2 lyrics: Over seas there came a pleading, "Help a Nation in distress!" And we gave our glorious laddies, Honor made us do no less. For no gallant Son of Freedom To a tyrant's yoke should bend, And a noble heart must answer To the sacred call of "Friend!" Thought this song would be a fitting tribute to GB after such a fantastic Olympics! Roll on Rio!
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