Iwan Rheon – Bang Bang tab

Hi Guys.
This One Took Me A While But I've Got It Figured Out.
I Worked it out by ear so e-mail me with any corrections: ezijoe@gmail.com

That's pretty much it except for a sort of bridge bit and chorus which are bar chords: G F Am C
e]-3- e]-1- e]-5- e]-8--|B]-3- B]-1- B]-5- B]-8--|G]-4- G]-2- G]-5- G]-9--|D]-5- D]-3- D]-7- D]-10-|A]-5- A]-3- A]-7- A]-10-|E]-3- E]-1- E]-5- E]-8--|
I Don't think that these are completely acurate Bridgy bit: G F Am Chorus: Am G F C x2 As I say you can send me any corrections. Hope you like it. =D
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